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The Onion Corner will be the special place at the 23C3 where anonymity-research and privacy-enhancement technology like user interfaces and behind-the-scenes technology can be discussed. See below for the mailinglist announcement:

* http://tor.eff.org
* http://www.onion-router.net

Announcement to Tor ML

a gathering of Tor dev's and hackers will take place at the 23C3 at the end
of this year in Berlin/Germany.

For more information about the 23C3 see

We want to discuss about Privacy-Enhancement Technologies and our
beloved toy, The onion router and its internals.

I will setup a place called "Onion Corner", watch out for large onions ;)
Infrastructure like switch ports, coffee machine etcpp is available
there. (suggestions are welcome)

There will be no special fee, all you have to care for is the
entrance to the 23C3.

Related lectures @ 23C3

Day1 Privacy, Identity, and Anonymity in Web 2.0

Day2 Attacking Hidden Services with monitoring clock skew, only on private LANs?

Day2 Roger about a new design approach for more blocking resistance

Day3 Analyzing the traffic data

Workshop Ideas

There are no special workshops planned in the Workshop Room, although we have plenty of stuff to talk about.

Running a Tor node and being lawful 
Advancements in Tor network / system 
Other anonymity networks and usability aspects
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