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There will be a Go Lounge at the congress again this year in the Art & Beauty area. There you will have the opportunity to sit and enjoy a nice game or two, learn the game or just watch other play.

If you don't know what Go (囲碁) — also known as Baduk (바둑) or Weiqi (圍棋) — is, you might want to read this article first.

There will be 6 sets available, 3 boards on the tables, 3 of them more or less authentically placed on the floor with cozy cushions. We are also proud to have a lecture on Go and computing at the conference (in German). It will be held by Christoph Gerlach (6dan), several times German champion and one of the strongest players in Europe.

The Go lounge will be open almost all of the time and there will be someone waiting for you to play. And if you don't know the game we will teach you. :)


Here's what you can do to prepare for the Go lounge at 23C3:

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