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The conference consist of lectures, discussions and Workshops in four tracks. The conference is structured in five main topic categories: Hacking, Science, Community, Society and Culture.

The Fahrplan (Congress schedule)) offers a list of all planned lectures and the speakers, as well as day-by-day timetable.



The topic category "Hacking" features lectures and workshops on current technological development and research areas regarding software, networking and hardware. International speakers provide insight into their activites and knowledge and invite you to dive into the current state of affairs.


Speakers of the scientific sector talk deliver background information on the current state of research, basic facts of nature science and mathematics that might be valuable for developing software and hardware and understanding the world.


The congress is not only meeting point of the curious but also provides space for meetings of activist groups and developer conferences especially in the area of open source software and freedom of information.

The organization team tries to provide rooms for such meetings at the Congress and to include talks on your activities in the conference. Get in contact with us if you think of doing a developer conference or similar ideas.


Topics affecting society in general and free software development in particular are part of the Society track as well as information about the state of legislation in areas like licensing, software patents, video surveillance and other Hot political discussions.


Culture tries to intensify the view from the outside and present the unknown or put well-known things in a different light. Culture is your room for extensions.

see also Overview

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