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You might want to have a look at the wikipedia article on Berlin. There you can find some general information about the city.

If you're more interested in sightseeing, public transport, hotels and the like, check out the Berlin Tourist Information available in many languages.

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Public Transportation

  • - Route Planner: With this Website, you can find out how to get to your destination with Berlins public transportation system, the "BVG" and "S-Bahn". Click on the british flag to get all descriptions in english language!


  • The weather in Berlin in the winter is extremely cold and rainy or snowy (273,15 to 277,15 Kelvin / 0 to 4 Celsius / 39 to 32 Fahrenheit). Make sure you are prepared.
  • Forecast for Berlin
  • There might be snow during the congress. We recommend winter tires on your car and bringing a lot of warm clothes. (Note that winter tires are mandatory in Germany since this year, not having them will result in a fine)
  • Weather information from Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport (human readable, including warnings, if any) can be found here. Warnings are available in German only - sorry.
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