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Say what?

We're a bunch of event-trotting Mac users and your one-stop solution for any Mac related problems or questions you might have :). You can find us at the HackCenter between the team23 people and project s23.

The AquaVille concept was created during the summer of 2005 at WhatTheHack! when a bunch of like-minded Mac users decided to set up a village - AquaVille - together. By the end of the camp we'd decided we should make this a reoccuring event, hence our presence at 23C3.

You will also find a lot of love and some spare, stale donuts at aquaville.

Some photos can be found here, here and here.

What will we be doing?

  • Provide support for people with Mac related questions/issues
  • Give a Dashboard Widget programming hands-on session (if you're interested in Ajax you might want to drop by since it's quite related)
  • Helping you get those gazillions of wonderful Linux tools going on your Mac (Darwinports and Fink baby!)
  • Pretend as if we're working on a good design for our site ;)


  • 1 5-port 100mb switch (CraHan)
  • 1 powerbrick with 4 grounded and 4 ungrouded sockets (CraHan)
  • 1 powerbrick with 4 Grounded Sockets (Blkhawk)
  • 1 iSight (CraHan)
  • 1 8-port Gigabit switch (fast ethernet is for wimps..) (Nakedcellist)

Scheduled for arrival/departure

First aid for Macs too

If you have a problem with your Mac come over and we'll try to help you. (okkie) will bring Apple repair manuals (see also: Blackhawk will probably bring his soldering iron for the real hardcore repairs. Don't worry. It won't hurt. Him. Kewagi will give spiritual support while your Mac gets mangled, wrangled and set back into a pristine, working state.

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