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Arrival Info

I heard a rumour that I was arriving at 10 today, strange dudes. My arrival time is 0930 on the 27th. (As long as leggit&scarper airways are on time) See you all there.

A Great Photo of Me (thanks to whoever put it up :)

English Pete will be attending 22C3 in the company of What The Glen. Oh yes, we are back, together and again will be load, overly English and causing mayhem wherever there is mayhem to be caused.

Alas, in line with some lifestyle changes, I (English Pete) will no longer be drinking Alcholic beverages so your beer is safe.... For the Moment.

I would ask everyone attending to be extra nice to English Pete as during the conference, I will be making the big age (getting old now) change and (hopefully) really rather enjoying my 30th birthday.

So for all of you who have not yet had the pleasure, lock up your girlfriends, that tubby little englishman is coming to Germany........

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