22C3 - 2.2

22nd Chaos Communication Congress
Private Investigations

Régine Débatty
Jussi Ängeslevä
Tag 2
Raum Saal 1
Beginn 21:00
Dauer 01:00
ID 1085
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Culture
Sprache englisch

Technological art off the trodden tracks

Artists (mis)using technology

A review of today's technological art scene, with examples and discussion of their impact on our technology-driven society.

Traditionally, technological art was often biased in criticising the status quo, where the misuse of technology in the spirit of avant-garde was a given opposite force to the mainstream. Today's technological art is much more mutlifaceted, where the more critical approach is complemented with works that readily assume the existence of questionable technologies, but provide alternative views on possible futures, that do not neceesarily have to be dystopian. We review a series of such works from different field of new media art as examples of these two tendencies and discuss their impact on how we see our technology-driven living today. Ranging from device hacking to network services augmentations, and personalisations of the public. The exposure of such works also reach much wider audience today than before, and hence have very different impact than works created and presented in a garage.

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