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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators

George N. Dafermos

George N. Dafermos is an independent researcher and author. In his capacity as an Internet consultant with www.go-online.gr - a non-profit EU-initative - George is currently instructing SMEs how to migrate their operating process onto the Net. In parallel, George is involved in several technology-related non-profit projects, including the online Journal of Hyper(+) drome.Manifestation [1] which is sheltered by Hyperdrome [2] - a virtual roof for serial non-tactical media dis-organisation -; and the Common Good Public License [CGPL, 3] and its virtual roof codenamed Organis [4], which is an ambitious, yet pragmatic effort to develop a business-plan and organisational structure for fostering and helping sustainable micro virtual networked organisations grow and replicate like memetic viruses, modelled upon the evolution of the Linux community.


george at hyperdrome dot net


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