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21st Chaos Communication Congress
Speakers and moderators


Disgusted with commercial radio, and horrified by the programming choices of early KBFR, b9punk decided to get mixed up with the pirates. During her tenure, in addition to hosting a show, she was instrumental in growing the stations' participants and music archive. Most notably, she survived a visit from the FCC. She loves the FCC. She and ZT worked to integrate the local 'hacker scene' with the pirate radio scene, which had profoundly positive effects on both cultures.

Some people don't know what to do with their time, and wind up spending most of it watching TV or surfing for porn. ZT is one of those people. Despite this, he has managed to, single-handedly at times, keep KBFR on the air. He is also occasionally involved in producing local 'music' and 'news.' ZT is working on the RPR Network content management system, and a few other KBFR side projects.

Monk is the god-father of KBFR. He is a visionary leader, and has the amazing ability to manage the rest of the pirates and keep the project a-float. He has put more time and money in to the cause than anyone else could if they lived to be one-hundred years old.

B9punk is a girl. She got talked into starting a 2600 meeting in Colorado about 3 or 4 years ago and its been downhill ever since. Now she lives in the Hacker Halfway House and sips mimosas with Emmanuel Goldstein. She is a notorious hostess and she may even throw you a Bucket party.


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