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21st Chaos Communication Congress
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Picture of b9punk b9punk
Day 3
Location Haecksen
Start Time 13:00 h
Duration 00:30
ID 140
Type Lecture
Track Culture
Language english

A Fat Girl's Intimate Perspective on Hacker Culture and Spaces

How to Survive a Cock Fight, without a Cock

Despite her gender handicap, b9punk has managed to chill out in the American Hacker scenes and retain her self-respect. Her contemporaries think that's a pretty big accomplishment and would like her to talk to you about her (pending) patented formula for what she crudely calls "putting up with the bullpucky, and getting something out of the hacker scene besides sex.

She's also conducted a extensive survey with some of your favorite hacker celebrities and ordinary people to sort out the Fact from the Fiction concerning myths about girls in the hacker scene.

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