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Language german
Room Haecksen
Time Day 1, 16:00h
Duration 1 hour
[1] http://scii.nl
[2] http://puscii.nl
[4] lotec


in the past few years several open access initiatives have been called to life in different parts of europe, pushing the idea of non commercial computer use. these projects, allthough each has grown from a different initiative, have a lot in common:

most use open software (linux) and donated/ trashed computer hardware, pushing open software initiatives and creatively recycling computers

they offer free internet use to the public, supporting the idea of everyone having access to the internet (access for all)

the networks installed allow anonymous internet use

they are a point of access to people who use the internet as a means of communication and political action these open public spaces are used as platforms to exchange computer knowhow, to coordinate and organize political action and as meeting points for squaters and intersting people

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