630The quintessenz biometrics doq/ubase

Erich Moechel
Language german
Room Saal 2
Time Day 1, 13:00h
Duration 2 hours
[1] http://www.quintessenz.org/cgi-bin/index?funktion=view&id=000100002773
[2] http://www.quintessenz.org/cgi-bin/index?funktion=doquments


The biometrics doq/ubase is a fast growing collection of biometrics related documents focusing on the current processes of worldwide biometrics standardization implementation thereof in machine readable travel documents e.g. European passports. Most of the documents originate from international bodies like ISO or ICAO, from political institutions [US, EU], biometrics related companies, various industry lobby groups and government agencies like the NSA.

There are more ways to do profiling and mining like the DNA-profiling cops do. In the same way human beings leave biological marks at scenes of crime standardisation workgroups and government buraeucrats leave documents on scenes of discussions and decisions howe to index the civil community. Like DNA-profiling we examine their documents by text mining and find out who was involved and who gave the orders. Timelines, catchphrases and real names will be used to display the intermingled network of organisations, companies, police and other government agencies .

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