608Alternative Compensation Systems

Volker Grassmuck
Language german
Room Saal 3
Time Day 3, 15:00h
Duration 1 hour
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The „digital dilemma" is this: you can‘t make money selling bits. That‘s a problem when you‘re a stinking rich multinational media corporation. But it‘s also a problem when you‘re a journalist, photographer, musician or filmmaker and would like to enrich the digital environment with your works, but would then have to pay your rent by washing dishes. DRM -- the dominant answer to the „digital dilemma" -- is a dead-end street. With the growing realization that DRM is „futile" (Bruce Schneier) and „stupid" (David Safford), the urgency rises to develope alternatives.

The goal is to create a framework that allows free circulation of digital works in the online realm while at the same time compensating creatives and intermediaries. This talk will present for discussion the growing debate on alternative compensation systems (see links).

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