606Xbox Software Hacking

David Jilli
Edgar „gimli“ Hucek
Franz „hamtitampti“ Lehner
Jeff "koitsu"/"asterisk" Mears
Stefan "ionic" Esser
Sprache englisch
Raum Saal 2
Zeit Tag 2, 12:00 Uhr
Dauer 2 Stunden
[1] The Xbox Linux Project
[2] hack announcement
[3] - Dashboard hack announcement
[4] MechInstaller announcement
[5] Microsoft deleted my data


Less than three months after the start of the Xbox Linux Project, Linux booted on the Xbox, thanks to several flaws in the design of the Xbox hardware security - but users needed to install a modchip, so a hack that made it possible to run Linux on an unmodified Xbox was badly needed. The original authors of the "007" and "Dashboard" hacks as well as the designers of the "MechInstaller" system that allows noobs to use the hack, speak about their savegames, buffer exploits, integer exploits, negotiations with Microsoft, in-memory-patching, secure RSA key replacement and obfuscation.

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