580Reverse engineering linux based firmware images

Harald Welte
Language english
Room Saal 3
Time Day 3, 14:00h
Duration 1 hour


In recent years, more and more hardware / appliance vendors have started to use Linux as the embedded operating system of their appliancce-type devices. While this is considered a positive trend, some of them don't play by the rules and don't comply to the GPL. In such cases, the software authors (and copyright holders) are forced to try to reverse engineer those firmware images in order to learn about the infringement of their copyright (and possibly take any action against the infringing company).

The presentation will cover the principles of such reverse engineering, and show the reverse engineering of one (maybe two) example firmware images.


- C development skills (gcc, gnu binutils)

- knowledge about how to use a hexeditor

- knowledge about hardware architecture:, MMU, I/O, DMA, Interrupts, ...

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