563Using Smartcards with Opensc

Andreas Jellinghaus
Language english
Room Workshop
Time Day 2, 17:00h
Duration 5 hours


What are smart cards, how can you use them, smart card security modells, using smart cards with opensc, integrating smart cards with openssh, openssl, mozilla, login and other applications. after an introduction to the topic we will start a practical part, some hardware will be provided for about 15 people.

If you want to bring your own smart card or usb token: fully supported cards are schlumberger cryptoflex, gem plus pk, usb tokens: aladdin etoken pro, eutron cryptoidendity it-sec, readers: towitoko, kobil kaan pro, siemens b1, aladdin etoken pro, cryptoflex egate, eutron cryptoidendity it-sec.

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