538Practical Win32 and UNICODE exploitation

FX of Phenoelit
Language english
Room Saal 1
Time Day 2, 17:00h
Duration 2 hours


The talk could also be called "Lessons learned when the Cisco guys went to Windows land", because there are a number of things quite different in Windows land compared to other environments. One of these things is the frequent use of wide characters and the annoying difficulties that arise from that, including return addresses of 0x00410041.

Technically, the speech covers stack based buffer overflows in Win32 applications and services where the buffer content consists of wide characters. Techniques for finding return addresses as well as practical wide character shellcodes (so-called venetian shell code) will be discussed. There will also be some side notes on ASCII based overflows and format string vulnerabilities. This talk is to provide the intermediate hacker with a few more usefull tricks for her/his sleeve, so don't expect any TESO-like magic. Of course, Phenoelit would not dare to show up without some entertaining examples of software engineering, this time comming from Walldorf/Germany.

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