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Travel Guide

Venue Location

The Congress takes place at

17. Chaos Communication Congress
December 27 28 29, 2000
Haus Am Köllnischen Park (HAKP)
Am Köllnischen Park 6-7 (Map)
D-10179 Berlin, Germany

HAKP Umgebungsplan

The following route descriptions should be able to direct directly to the Congress. If it is not sufficient, try to route via /dev/null.

Arrival by train

The probably best way to travel to Berlin by train is from Hannover, Nürnberg or Hamburg via the ICE (Inter City Express) routes. Most trains stop at "Zoologischer Garten" in the western part of town, as well as at "Ostbahnhof" (you guessed it: in the eastern part). To check connections you can use the online timetable of the Deutsche Bahn at

Participants planning to travel directly to the Congress by train, should get off at "Ostbahnhof" and take the bus no. 240 to "U Heinrich-Heine-Straße" from where it's only a couple of meters to the HAKP (Congress Center "Haus am Köllnischen Park"). The bus leaves the station every 20 minutes (every 10 minutes during rush-hour). Alternatively, you may take the S-bahn *back* (in relation to the direction you took by train) one station to "S Jannowitzbrücke" from where it's ca. 150 meters to the HAKP.

If your train ends at "Zoologischer Garten", take the U-Bahn U2 to "Märkisches museum" (trains running to "Vinetastrasse") from where it's ca. 100 meters to the HAKP.

Arrival by car

The best way to reach Berlin by car is to use one of the "Autobahn"-routes, any of which will lead you onto the "Berliner Ring" (A10). Depending on which section of the A10 this approach leads you to, we advise different routes.

Hint: Berlin is notorious for its numerous construction sites and a rather lively activity in the area of street renaming. We therefore strongly suggest to use a fairly recent edition of a city map, in order to avoid confusion and frustration due to "missing" or "unexpected" buildings, stations, streets etc.

Arrival via A24 or A11 (the direct route)

In this case, it is best to use the A114 from "Autobahndreieck Pankow" (exit 32). The A114 turns into "Prenzlauer Promenade" after a while, then into "Prenzlauer Allee". Continue until "Alexanderplatz". Turn left at the "Forum Hotel", immediately right, then left again. Now you're on "Alexanderstraße" leading towards an S-Bahn bridge. Drive underneath this bridge onto "Brückenstraße". Take the second turn right (Rungestrasse), then the first left which incidentially is named "Straße am Köllnischen Park". Voila!

Arrival via A2 or A9 (the scenic route)

Driving eastward, exit the A10 at "Dreieck Drewitz" and take the A115 ("Avus") towards Berlin central. After several kilometers straight onward you'll reach the big Autobahn-shebang where you need to take the 100 towards _Hamburg_ (!); but only for a little while - after a few hundred meters take the exit "Kaiserdamm". Once on the "Kaiserdamm" itself (a large town road) follow it eastward, straight ahead towards the "Brandenburger Tor" (yup, you're doing the "tourist thing" :-)

As of this writing, the Brandenburger Tor is closed for motorized traffic, so you need to take a right when you reach it. After this detour you'll find yourself back on track (street signs should now resemble something like "Unter den Linden"). Continue eastwards yet again, past the former "Palast der Republik", then turn right onto "Spandauer Straße". Continue past the "Rote Rathaus" (the city hall) past two intersections onto "Stralauer Straße" until you reach the S-Bahn bridge. Continue underneath the bridge and take a right at the next intersection (this will lead you underneath the S-bahn for a second time). You are/should be now on "Brückenstrasse". Turn into the second street (Rungestrasse), then immediately left again into the "Straße am Köllnischen Park". Presto!

Arrival via A12 or A13 (the unspectacular route)

If you arrive on the A12, simply ignore the A10. Instead locate the A113 and take it straight into town. In case you arrive on the A13, enter the A10 until "Schönefelder Kreuz" where you exit onto the A113. Either way you'll end up on the A113. After a while the A113 turns into the B96, leading - eventually - to Berlin central. Be stubborn, play hard: stick straight to the B96 (don't let that little detour around the "Treptower Park" upset or deter you) until you reach a S-bahn bridge. Drive underneath it. Brace yourself. Continue dead straight ahead. The road you're taking will change its name several times en-route: Puschkinallee, Schlesische Straße, Köpenicker Straße. Towards the end of "Köpenicker Straße" you'll intersect "Brückenstrasse" resp. "Heinrich-Heine-Straße" at the U-Bahn station "U Heinrich-Heine-Straße". Continue for one more intersection, then turn right into "Straße am Köllnischen Park". Bingo!

Once in Berlin, how do I get to the Congress?

The U-Bahn station "U Heinrich-Heine-Straße" (U-Bahn U8, bus no. 240, 265) is just a few meters away from the convention centre "Haus am Köllnischen Park" (HAKP). This should be your station of choice to reach the Congress comfortably.

The stations "U Märkisches Museum" (U2) and "S Jannowitzbrücke" are a bit further off, but definitely within walking distance.

Time-tables of the "BVG" (the Berlin public transport authority) are available online at But the Deutsche Bahn has also all of the inner-urban connections in its web-database, so you can check your connections online as well at

The precise wording of the station there is "Heinrich-Heine-Str. (U), Berlin". Yes, this web interface sucks.