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Congress Overview


The conference consist of lectures, discussions and workshops in three tracks. You can find an overview of all planned events here.

The Chaos Communication Congress offers other interesting activities apart from the main conference program. You are invited to take part in these groups offerings.


"You can create art and beauty with a computer"

Art&Beauty is about audio-visual creativity using computers and their inter-relationship with modern media. Art&Beauty is workshop, installation and happening and is organized by the c-base.

Art&Beauty was part of both the Camp and 16C3. Lots of useful information about the project can be found at


At the Chaos Communication Congress this year there will be again a room with a fresher air, a somehow different atmosphere and especially with more women. Because the concept of the Haecksen room attracts more argument from year to year we'll try to approach this with a lot of fun and candy. Much more details and our preliminary program can be obtained from

4th German Lockpicking Championships

In it's fourth continuous year the German Lockpicking Championships will be held at the Congress. The Championships are prepared and organized by the Sportsfreunde der Sperrtechnik e.V.. On the event pages you will find all necessary information how to participate in the Championships.

Lockpickings workshops are being offered to the curious. If you want to improve your skills in a non-digital way this might be for you.

Linux Deathmatch

As seen at the Camp and last year's Congress there will be another Linux Deathmatch session. Four teams consisting of two people play the nerd game against each other. You find the rules (in german) at

Hackcenter Projects

In the Hackcenter you will find intertesting projects on various topics including but not limited to:

  • Modern Operating Systems
  • The GIMP
  • Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB)
  • Ham Radio

If you want to do your own project at the Hackcenter please register with our crew.

Chaos Archive

The Chaos Archive provides access to twenty years of computer and hacker history on paper and other antique storage devices. Your chance to browse the not-yet-digitized space-time-continuum.

Chaos Café

The Chaos Café is opened the whole day and serves hot and cold food for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The Chaos Café offers space for relaxed intercommunication a bit away from all other proceedings at the congress.