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Project info 🔗

The goal of reworkCTF-pico is to teach the skills needed to repair or rework a circuit board (PCB). The intended audience is people that are already familiar with the basics of soldering, looking to improve their skills. The challenges try to mimic common tasks encountered when repairing a PCB, like removing/placing components and cutting/making connections. This document descripes all the challenges in detail: what they are, which tools you need to solven them and where to start.

If you want a harder challenge, don't look at this document. Instead open the kicad_pcb file and figure everything out there. The locations of the challenges can be found on the User.Comments layer.

Design considerations 🔗

Goals 🔗

The original intention of this project is to be accessible and cheap. Also, it should create minimal e-waste. * All solder-challenges can be solved with just a soldering iron, no Hot-Air required. You are however free to use a hot-air-station. * Parts used are rather common and were chosen for easy drop-in-replacement should something be out of stock * 4-Layer layout without fancy process requirements * No programmer is needed to upload any software * The challenge-part and the microcontroller part are independent and can be separated