WLED-Lion workshop: Learn soldering and programming LED lights

Event start: 10 months ago // Event Information

In this workshop, we will learn the basics of soldering components on a circuit board. We will then use our board to control LEDs, which you can take home and install in your own camps. Takes 2-3 hours and kits cost 25€. Max 15 participants, please sign up on *PAPER* at BornHack village in the Cold North Cluster.

The workshop takes 2-3 hours, bring yourself and a laptop. No prior knowledge is needed. Workshop kit cost 25€.

We will introduce participants to the basics of soldering components on a circuit board (PCB), based on the ESP-01S (ESP8266) chip. We will then use our PCB to control LED lights with the controller software WLED. Participants should go home with some nice programmable lights and new knowledge, that can be used for many other types of LED involved projects.

Workshop instructions can be found here: https://github.com/labitat/WLED-Lion