r2wars - battle bots in shared memory

Event start: 10 months, 3 weeks ago // Event Information

Running programs simultaneously in the same memory: what could go wrong? This is about how and then playing with it hands-on. We look at the substructure, build our own small programs that then try to overwrite each other.

This workshop is about r2wars: two programs are executed simultaneously in shared memory (more about this in the workshop) with the goal to overwrite each other. There will be an introduction to "how does it work with 'concurrent' execution?", then we will build bots like this and then let them all compete against each other.

You will need: - A laptop - radare2 - golang

This workshop has been held at Easterhegg and GPN before and has been quite full. If you've been there before, please help each other in order to increase the fun for all!