๐ŸŽต NikTheDusky // Happy Hardcore / Dancecore / Donk / Hardstyle @ Aachen an der Saar (aads)

Event start: 9ย months, 1ย week ago // Event Information

Exactly what it says on the box! 1ยฝ hours of fun, danceable, high energy Happy Hardcore, Dancecore, Donk and Hardstyle. 150-200 BPM. Of course, the set will be recorded. contact: phone: DEER / 3337 Fedi: https://chaos.social/@NikTheDusky Matrix: @nik:fairydust.space

he/him | chaos.social/@NikTheDusky | DECT DEER(3337) | floofy hair, rainbow collar, hyperactive? it me!