Modelling for Mutual Aid

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How can we build communities in support of mutual aid networks that begin to model the better societies we all deserve to live in? This workshop is a crash-course info dump in community organizing for supporting marginalized communities without the help of corporations or institutions.

Across mutual aid economies, humans work cooperatively to meet the needs of everyone in their social group. It's different from charity and centers the solidarity of resource sharing among a diverse group of people that share similar needs.

Rather than a top-down, one-way flow system of resource distribution, which is typically how charitable or large institutional operations function, mutual aid networks build sustained decentralized networks of sharing between neighbors that center the accessibility of needed human resources like food & tools that become scarce in "trickle down" hypercapitalistic societies.

This workshop is meant to inspire anyone who works in technology and yearns to leverage their skill sets or resources into meaningful socio-political action that directly affects community members who need creative problem solvers the most.