Making yourself into a videogame character in the CCCamp mod pt.2

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(Part 2. ! - you don't have to have joined part 1 to take part though) Have you ever wanted to be turned into a video game character? Come learn how to do it yourself in this two part workshop on how to get started modding in the [CCCamp mod]( in [OFF GRID](

At CCCamp2019 some ingenuitive hackers from Milliways and a handful of other villages embarked on using the modding tools from our indie hacking game OFF GRID to try and replicate camp and have it possible to walk around and revisit some of your favourite parts. 4 years later and CCCamp is back and so it seems an appropriate time to revisit this project and spark some interest in adding more villages. This is Pt.1 of a 2 part workshop where we will show you how to get hold of the game and the modding tools and get you set up to add yourself as a character to the community CCCamp mod!