Empower yourself - Deeskalation in Stress- und Gewaltsituationen

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Empower yourself - Deeskalation in Stress- und Gewaltsituationen
Selforganized Session
Aug. 17, 2023, 5 p.m. - Aug. 17, 2023, 7 p.m.
Self Organized Sessions

Meeting point is at GATE 11 - we will go outside the camp then.

Do you know how to deal with stressful and violent situations? What are you capable of, how can you react without being experienced in martial arts? The course deals with de-escalation of situational stress and violence. You will learn how to react naturally for yourself and how to effectively fend off attacks from outside. You don't need fancy handles and levers - we start with you getting to know yourself better and reacting with your possibilities. Knowing the limits of your abilities and strengthening your self-confidence is one of the most important ways to prevent violence. We start the workshop with theoretical content in which you can find out what type of reactins you are. Then we go into some selected situations and practice going in or out of the situations.

Note: It's going to be loud, we're going to yell at each other. In addition, there are exercises where we feign violence against our counterpart and defend ourselves against it.

In the aviable time, the workshop only gives you an insight that you can think about further. Feel free to contact me in the workshop if you want to continue.

All genders and bodytypes are welcome.

Teached by Ori