Dont Look Up!!! Bridging Climate Justice and Digital Rights

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Do you want to learn about strategies that would help you engage young people in conversations around digital technologies and climate justice issues? Join this workshop focused on building knowledge and sharing experiences on strategies and methods to bridge the gap between digital rights groups and climate movements. In this session, participants will explore innovative methods and tactics and on how to use co-creation to produce an exhibition. Participants will be able to explore how to use this approach in their own projects and initiatives for the purpose of engaging with their audiences on matters at the intersection of digital and environmental issues. Through peer-to-peer and collaborative methods, participants will: 1. Identify topics at the intersection of digital rights and climate justice that need to be highlighted to activists. 2. Explore ways the format could be adapted and support their efforts to bring youth voices into their work.  In collaborations with a myriad of partners over the last years, Tactical Tech has been producing research-based digital literacy interventions. Exhibitions, workshops and kits have been created to trigger evolving conversations around online privacy, digital security, well-being and misinformation. Tactical Tech has a long history of using innovative techniques and peer-to-peer methodology for the benefit of the community and the wider audiences as seen with other projects like Exposing The Invisible, Security-in-a-box and the Data Detox Kit, among many others.

Tactical Tech’s mission is to support organisations and citizens to navigate the impact of digital technologies development and mitigate the negative impact in society. Through a combination of research-based and art and design-influenced digital literacy interventions, we have been creating exhibition, guides, workshops and kits to trigger evolving and non-confrontational conversations around misinformation, digital safety and well-being or the role of technology in planetary scale crisis. At the same time, we have been collaborating with organisations and initiatives across the globe to localise, adapt and create new resources to raise awareness of communities on the intersection between digital technologies and human rights, while at the same time empowering them to participate and build their resilience in face of technological developments.

A great example of this approach is our The Glass Room Misinformation exhibition, which we have been expanding through our work with partners across the globe showcased here This approach has resulted from Tactical Tech past experiences working with activists from around the world to lead the co-creation process for resources such as Security-in-a-box (in collaboration with Front Line Defenders)

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