CiTiZEN KiNO #99.9: Cyborgism, To The Bitter Ends ( Of Krapitalia ? )

Event start: 10 months, 4 weeks ago // Event Information

If we wish now (finally) to get serious about any kind of path towards sustainability in our high-tech + hyper-industrialized culture, it may be urgent to reassess the ingrained fetishes of the Cyborg, which were spawned from the idea of "hacking" the human for space travel, and then took on new strains in the era of the Capitalocene. Have we unleashed untenable and unethical fantasies which have now taken hold in the unregulated marketplace of a new "Guineapigdom" ? And how do we get back down to Earth from this invasive corporate-made mess ?

C-KiNO is a platform for "cinema hacking" and investigating urgent topics for us to navigate better possible worlds. We screen curated film + media clips in a performative and interactive environment in order to encourage deeper analysis and constructive discussions and strategies. An XLterrestrials work-in-progress essay on our positions on what we might now call problematic "Cyborgism" manifestations: