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start location / route travel date free seats comment contact
Camp -> Berlin Neukölln 20.08 at 11:00 2 Mitfahrt gegen Spende e-mail: okava at posteo.de
Camp to Munich (Donnersbergerbrücke) 19.08 at 10:00 2 stationwagon / Kombi, 30 euros / person e-mail: mch AT posteo DOT de or DECT 3467
Camp -> Berlin Neukölln 19.08. 17:00 2 Leaving in a large van, so bulky luggage not a problem. send me a message
Camp - Zurich/Basel - Lausanne 19/20.08 2 Driving from camp to Lausanne, plan is to maybe or maybe not sleep in some camping between camp and Switzerland on the way. [profile - send me a message or matrix @anomalroil:matrix.org
Nürnberg via Bayreuth (and maybe Ansbach) 19/20.8. 2 I‘ll be driving my parents Touran and bring lots of stuff for our Haecksen village. One or two seats should be easy, any more and we‘d have to be really good at tetris! Mullana profile - send me a message
Bremen via Hamburg 20.08. leq 3 Kombi. Some space for things @jwhb:matrix.org profile - send me a message
Camp to Wertingen probably via A9 Nürnberg 20.08. up to 3 Departure day I would be flexible Saturday or Sunday. I'm also happy to drop you on small detours along the route. Luggage which you can still carry all at once should not be a problem. For larger or heavy amounts we should talk about it. DECT 7717 or profile - send me a message
Camp 20.8 13:00, arrival at Strépy-Thieu expected on 21.8, then taking the car to Brussels 7 Batavus On Tour village Travel map Drop off anywhere along the travel line, Drop off preferences for rest areas on the autobahn or autohofs profile - send me a message Quicker response via matrix: @frederic:askarel.be
Berlin/Potsdam 20.08. max 2 per Matrix melden @katjahafi:matrix.org
CCCamp23 - Jena - Erfurt - Würzburg - Stuttgart - Raum Zürich 20.08. max. 4 Seats 25 years old camper: approx.120 km/h :) space for luggage even for 3 bicycles Threema: WA3WR4ZD, or send me a message
BER Airport (23:00-24:00) - Camp - BER Airport 20.08 3-4 Arriving too late at BER for public transport. Looking to ride-share a taxi or car rental and split costs. Back to BER on sunday. ber2camp@altmails.com
Hannover 20.08. 1 RTV/Wohnmobil with a 2 year old child profile - send me a message
Camp -> Harlingen (NL) 20.08, >11:00 && < 13:00 1 We are three for now but only one driver, so if you have your license that would help :) DECT 3544 or 8818
Camp -> Region Reutlingen/Neckar-Alb (über Leipzig, Nürnberg, Schwäbisch Gmünd) 20.08. ~13:00 Beiladung Almost empty Ford Transit needs a lot of stuff to transport. No seats available, but I can bring your stuff somewhere. Please pack until ~12:00 send me a message, DECT 4133 or Mstdn @Fensterbank@chaos.social
Landkreis Altötting, Mühldorf, Landshut, Regensburg, Berlin 20/21.08 3 seats in Camper There is also place for some stuff profile, send me a message
Camp- Berlin 22.08 -ca. 20:00 Beiladung Hängerfahrt Beiladung von Gros und Schwer z.b. für Villages profile - [send me a message]
Camp -> Köln (eig. BM) über H,BI,DO,W,.. 20.08. ca. 11-12h 1 Beifahrersitz und etwas Stauraum auf der Rückbank frei send me a message - besser: Matrix: @rab.bit:matrix.org

looking for a ride 🔗

start location travel date required seats comment contact
Camp - gransee/zehndick 20.8 7:30am 1 2 big bags @pitastrudl:matrix.org or dect 2864 or pitastrudl@gmail.com or pitastrudl on mastodon and irc or send me a message
Camp -> Berlin 19.08.23 in the morning (I've a bus in Berlin Sudkeuz at 13:00 1 I've one big backpack Amarrrrrrr@proton.me or 07 82 43 43 79
Camp -> France (Paris but anywhere else may be fine :) 20/21/22 1 I just have a smallish backpack Matrix: @naeya:matrix.interhacker.space Mail: naeya42@protonmail.com
Camp -> Kiel (or Hamburg) 19. o. 20. 08. 1 Some luggage. What does not fit I try to send elsewhere. Dect/GSM 6147 / 5948 or profile - send me a message
Camp -> Jena 19. o. 20. 08. 2 2x 80l Backpacks + hand luggage Dect 5923 or profile - send me a message
Hamburg 17.08. (evening) 1 i carry only small luggage mail me
Berlin (Brandenburg Airport) 15.08 2 Ideally in the morning, from Berlin to the camp. We have 1 tent (2 seconds tent), 2 x 36L tactical backpacks and 2 x small backpacks. Thanks 🥺 Matrix: @mrlapin:matrix.org profile - message
Camp 19.08 2 Ideally in the evening/during the night, from the camp to Berlin (Brandenburg Airport). We have 1 tent (2 seconds tent), 2 x 36L tactical backpacks and 2 x small backpacks. Thanks 🥺 Matrix: @mrlapin:matrix.org profile - message
To & fro(m) England (London´ísh?) via Adventure? Out: 9th& 10th Back? 1 Taking Harwich day ferry on the 9th, connecting to new europeansleeper.eu night train from (Brussels - ) Den Haag - Berlin. Arriving in Berlin at 7:45! leaving just-in-time for adventure (while maximising teardown fun). Big berlin breakfast and then travel with 49euro monthly regional ticket (got till 10th to book and cancel for this month) or share Quer-durchs-Land? For the return would look favourably on a ride or companions in the direction of HOA, Vienna, Warsaw, Wuppertal or ? ten - DM
Hamburg 🤞 asap 1 🙋‍♀️ EN: For a artist/friend: Her, a backpack, a box of deco + a small compressor. Flexible within HH. If not enough space, only baggage transport would also help. 🙋‍♀️ DE: Frage/Suche für eine Freundin/Künstlerin. Sie, ein Rucksack, eine Kiste mit Deko + ein kleiner Kompressor. Innerhalb HH flexibel. Falls nicht genug Platz, gerne auch nur das Gepäck. profile - send me a message Matrix/Rc : sianais
Musterhausen 14.08. 2 I'm just a placeholder! profile - send me a message
Lüneburg 15.08. 1 Fellow hacker with medium-sized piece of luggage profile - send me a message
Leuven, Belgium 15.08 - 20.08 1 EMFCamp organiser, with suitcase and tent amount of luggage profile - send me a message
Hamburg and back 14.08 - 20.08 1 Me, my stuff (tent, food, clothing, sleeping bag, etc.) a foldable handcart and some workshop related material. I can adapt quite well to how much space is offered. Arrival from 12.8 at the earliest. profile - send me a message
Zehdenick 15.08. 9:00 1 I would prefer to not have to wait 56min for the bus. I will only have a small backpack with me. profile - DM
From CCCamp to Gransee 20.08 05:00 1 My flight is 20.8 from BER at 09:50. I think I need to catch the 05:23 RE5 nach Berlin matrix.to
From CCCamp to FFM 20.08 Evening Anhängerkupplung Ich suche noch jemanden der nach dem #CCCamp23 meinen Bauwagen (100Km/h-Zulassung) wieder nach FFM mitnehmen kann. Da wir (N.O.r.T) das Werkzeug zum Abbau brauchen frühestens am So Abend (20.8. ) Mastodon profile - send me a message
From CCCamp to FFM/Limburg 20.08 Morning 3 Ich und meine beiden Mädels suchen noch eine Rückfahrt vom Camp nach Limburg (Lahn) oder FFM. Ein Erwachsener (Mitte 30), zwei Kinder (9) und "normales" Camping Gepäck (Rucksäcke, Zelt, Schlafsäcke und Co) Mastodon profile - send me a message
From CCCamp to Berlin (Neukölln) 15.-19. ab 23:00, daily 1 Ich (CrewCrew) suche Mitfahrtmöglichkeiten von Dienstag bis Samstag inklusive ab 23:00 vom Camp nach Berlin (am allerliebsten Ecke Neukölln). Um nach der Schicht Zuhause schlafen zu können. 1 Ausgewachsene mit Umhängetasche und Taschenlampe. Mastodon
From CCCamp to Eindhoven (Netherlands) 19.-20 1 Fellow hacker nerd looking for company going back home ^^, I have one backpack and one medium size moving box send me a message
From CCCamp to Bielefeld (or Dortmund, Hannover, Münster o.ä. Hbf) 19.-21. 1 Suche Rückfahrt nach Bielefeld oder einem Bahnhof in der Nähe. Flexibel was genauen Tag der Abreise angeht. Falls ihr in die Richtung fahrt, gerne schreiben :) send me a message
From Berlin Flughafen (airport) or Berlin Hbf to CCCamp 14.08 from 16:00 1 Fellow hacker, medium size with one 44L backpack Mastodon, Matrix: @kaze:gnu.moe or send me a message. Thanks!
From Berlin (with love) to CCCamp (again with love) 14. evening /15. morning 1 Me + 2 medium size backpacks profile - message
From CCCamp to Munich (or environs) 20./21. 1 Small hacker, backpack and Eurokiste looking for a ride, rather flexible regarding time and backseat fitting skills @halcyon@chaos.social or send me a message. Thanks!
From Berlin to camp 15/8 @ 10:00 or 14/8@22:00 1 me and minimal luggage eager to get to camp send me a message thank you!
HH -> Camp 15.8. 1 seat backpack + sports bag send me a message
Camp -> Heilbronn (A81/A6) 20.8. 1 seat camping gear including small tent, cooler, folding box, ... hit me up on Threema (734KC6YX) or DM me
Camp -> Station/Berlin 19.8. morning 1 seat 2 bags DM
Camp -> Gransee Bahnhof 19.08 (Saturday), 7am 1 Quick ride to the station. There are no buses or taxis this time of the day, if you can help out that would be great. I'm happy to compensate. DM / +44 788 0076 532 / Phone / Signal / Whatsapp / cccamp2023@rycon.hu
Camp -> Gransee banhof 2023-08-20T07:00:00 or earlier. 3 seat 65+15 l bags. Ride to the station to be in Berlin Hbf by 10:00. No buses are confirmed for this time yet. I'm planning to book a taxi and can share. DM or +46793570254
Camp-> Bonn/Cologne/NRW Saturday Noon/Afternoon Departure 1 seat Large Hiking backpack + Sportsbag DM or Mastodon

cycling together 🔗

Who? start location travel date speed comment one-way / round-trip contact
1 person (at the moment) Berlin 10.08 or 11.08 relaxed pace (carrying load) I had lovely compaions four years ago, maybe I'll get some this time around! May train/s-bahn Berlin --> Oranienburg then bike to Camp (~40km/2hr vs ~75km/4hr++) round-trip profile - send me a message
1 person Hamburg 12.08, 3 stints (~120km, ~140km, 70km), elberadweg no idea. probably mid when battery is non-empty and super slow after :P New to bike touring and trike; not fit - what could possibly go wrong? Going with s-pedelec trike but not planning to go fast (battery would not last anyways) round-trip profile - send me a message
1 person Lübeck or Bad Kleinen (190-230km) 13.08 or 14.08. AFAP without dying Going to ride to camp with a road bike in a single day. I'm a fit rider and regularly do metric century rides, so speed may be high-ish. Will likely start very early to arrive in the afternoon. round-trip profile - send me a message
2 persons Kopenhagen - Rodvig - Vordingsborg - Gedser - Rostock - Güstrow - Fürstenberg - Zehdenick 10.08 - 15.08. moderate Recumbent and folding bike, likely not top speed, includes ferry and 1 train ride one-way @linse@hachyderm.io - profile - message