Long-distance bus shuttles

If you find 40 or more people willing to travel together from one location to the camp (and vice versa), we can help you organize a bus. This page is intended to help you find other people from your location.

Blogpost with details

If you are interested in a bus from your location, add your name below your city. If your city is not in the list, first add your city and then add your name ;)

Musterstadt 🔗

  • Franz Nord (contact)

Aachen via Köln und/oder Düsseldorf canceled, not enough people 🔗

  1. cpresser
  2. tobix
  3. jn
  4. schietwetter
  5. rappet
  6. js
  7. Jerome Omo
  8. funkeleinhorn
  9. fukami
  10. Friedjof ab Bonn/Köln/Düsseldorf
  11. justJanne (+1), ab Düsseldorf
  12. moho (Aachen)
  13. DWizzy (anything with a train station from NL)
  14. Kliment (ab Köln)
  15. fridtjof (sic) ab Düsseldorf

Dresden (possibly via Leipzig) 🔗

  1. dieg0 (from Dresden) 📩
  2. Zimt2zicke (from Dresden)
  3. dave (ab Dresden)

Karlsruhe via Frankfurt (Main) [N.O.R.T.x] 🔗

  1. pony

Prague, Czech Republic 🔗

  1. cr0wtom