Networking Hacking Workshop

Event Start: 9 Monate her // Event Information

Come learn how to hack networks without needing to piss off your housemates, local coffee shop, or the Feds! Bring your laptop and by the end of this workshop, everyone can walk away having intercepted some packets and popped some reverse shells.

In this workshop you’ll learn some of the fundamental techniques of network hacking and how you can use them to find computers and services running on a network, intercept local network communication, read and manipulate traffic, and break some of commonly deployed protocols at the network layer.

You’ll solve a series of challenges, each in a contained virtualized network where it’s just you and your targets. We’ll start with a networking crash course to introduce you to packets and their layers, as well as how to use Wireshark to dig in and explore further.

Topics we’ll cover:

  • Network crash course in peeling back the layers
  • Network sniffing and the world of broadcast traffic
  • Network scanning and finding your next target
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks through ARP poisoning
  • DNS poisoning so that your too can be

What you need to bring: * A laptop with Linux or a Linux VM (MacOS also works, but have a VM installed as a backup). * Some basic experience with command line tools. * These software tools (detailed installation instructions at * OpenVPN: Connect to the challenges you will be hacking * Wireshark (tcpdump also works): Capture and dissect network traffic * netcat (nc): Swiss-army-knife of networking * nmap: Scan and search for vulnerable targets * ettercap: Man-in-the-middle attack tool and network attack platform * python3 (optional): Build new attack tools