My best worst nixOS setup: Game Development on SteamDeck

Event Start: 9 Monate her // Event Information

When my Laptop died on the day my SteamDeck arrived, I was kind of thrown into the deep. I need a good mobile workstation on a regular basis and it's not like I can just throw a Linux on this mobile console ... oh wait I can. This should not have went as good as it did.

This talk will be about my journey of doing on-the-go Game Development on a SteamDeck using FOSS tools such as Godot4, Blender and even Inkscape. I'm using nixOS/jovian to not only keep the configuration of my Desktop and Deck the same, but also help me build the Kernel Patches you should use for running Linux on a Deck.

This is going to be entertaining, if you like doing dumb stuff on awesome hardware.

But it's also going to be educational, if you want to get into using nix for building, configuring a nixOS and doing FOSS Game Development.