CTF - What?

Event Start: 9 Monate her // Event Information

CTF (CaptureTheFlag) is a wonderful concept to enter the world of IT security. Here's a quick little talk and then it's on to "supervised hacking" where we sit together and hack on exciting problems.

I have participated in Capture-The-Flag events an unhealthy amount of time in the last few years and would now like to pass on the knowledge and keep you from running too far in the wrong direction and thus possibly losing interest in what is in itself a super exciting topic.

There will be an introduction to "why the whole thing at all", "who", "what", "how" and so tips on where to find more info, but ultimately we want to dive hands-on into the problem and see how we get through it together. The whole thing thrives on helping each other, meaning interaction between the participating entities (you) is welcome!

What you need: - A laptop - Enough sleep - Internet access