Fresh and Waste Water

  • Fresh and Waste Water needs to be stored on site, so please watch your fresh and waste water usage
  • There will be water toilets and urinals, no chemical toilets
  • There will be separated shower cabins with heated and enough water for a good shower. The showers have a build in timer, which you can push endless times, to help you to keep your shower short.
  • There are large basins for cleaning your dishes and tools. Please use these locations, as the waste water will be collected for proper removal.
  • You should not empty any waste water on the ground.


Again there will be a lake next to the campsite, where you can take a refreshing dip. Please don’t use soap in there – the nature and animals won’t like it.

Drinking Water / Beverages

  • Q: How will drinking water be distributed?
  • A: There will be water supply stations where you can get water from a tap. You can fill your water bottle at the water supply but you can't hook up a hose.
  • Q: Will there be a hookup for campers?
  • A: No, there will be no option to hook up water or waste water for a camper.

Sparkled and drinking water will be provided by many food and beverage booths at the central market place.

Central Ordering

TODO: Diese Seite muss auf Aktualität überprüft werden

The BOC (Beverage Operating Center) is responsible for the bars and also offers a central beverage ordering for villages and attendees.


The BOC needs angels to volunteer at the different bars. You don't need any instructions or a special Angeltype. Just sign up for a shift in the Engelsystem.


There will be 4 bars on the camp site.

Main Bar

The Main Bar is located at the Fairy Dust, near the Kemistry Lounge.

Opens on: Monday (2019-08-19) 16:00

Opening Hours: 24/7

Three Headed Monkeys Bar

Opening hours: 10 - 06

Kemistry Lounge Bar

Opening hours: 20 - 04


Opening hours: 12 - 00

Crate Sale

Opening hours: 10AM-08PM

Beverages available for central ordering
Beverage Bottles/Crate & Bottlesize Price
deposit/Crate - 5€
Club Mate 20x0.5L 25€
Flora Power Mate 20x0.5L 35€
Premium Cola 24x0.33L 30€
Pilsner Urquell 24x0.33L 30€
Viva con Agua 12x1L 15€
Viva con Agua 20x0.5L 15€
Infos regarding other types of veverages will be added soon!

We try to provide the beverages cooled. However it might not always be possible.
Beverages are paid cash on pickup or in advance via our Presale.
The Deposit (5€ per crate) is mandatory and has to be paid in cash (please bring the correct amount as we might be unable to provide change).

Location Map

TBA For more Information check out the BOC