Static:Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is handled by the infodesk team during the event. You can contact them if you have lost or found an item, even after the event, to retrieve your item back.

Lost & Found booth

The Lost & Found booth is located inside the infodesk tent. After sunday, there will be an alternative location to drop off lost items.

Found an item?

Please visit the Lost & Found booth (location inside the infodesk tent) to hand over your item to our helpful Lost & Found / Infodesk Angel. Please specify the location of the item for our database as well.

Lost an item?

You can contact the Lost & Found team by heading over to the infodesk tent, sending an email to (preferred), DECT 1033. We ask you to provide a short description of your item and a mail address + a DECT number to notify you if your item was found.

Retention policy

All lost items will be kept until the next major chaos event (camp or congress) by the Cloakroom team, located at Leitstelle 511 - C3H Hannover.