Until the 17. August the Pre-Heaven is located in Square P13 inside the Infotent.

During the buildup please attend every day at the Pre-Heaven inside the Infotent, we will dispatch you from there. Because there are no shift's in the Engelsystem available during the buildup. Also please show up in the Pre-Heaven after you have finished you're daily work, so we can record the hours worked correctly.

Later the Heaven will be located in Square M12.

The heaven is the home of the angels. If you have registered your account in the Engelsystem you should come to the Heaven to get marked as arrived (in the tool, we do not mark you physically) and get your angel badge. You will also find other angels at the heaven desk that will try to help you with all questions and concerns regarding "angeling". If you want to join the angels and like to take some of the available shifts, please register yourself at the Engelsystem and join the nice team of helpful hands that make the camp happen.

Angel Meetings will be announced via the angel system, you can find the most up to date information here.