The C.E.R.T., Chaos Emergency Response Team, is the medical and fire response team of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) and will be available via DECT 112.

Our main task is acting as the first response to medical emergencies. In addition to that, we also do fire prevention, such as making sure that the emergency exits and escape routes are not blocked.

As we are looking mainly for persons that have one (or more) of the official licences for their field of activity.

Where is the CERT on the camp site?

The place of the CERT is at the south-east of the terrain, grid squares T13/T14. We will also have signs so we can found easily.

I am educated as a (relevant thing) and want to help you guys!

Great! Please contact leitung(at) and describe what you can help with, and what kind of licence you have. Please be aware that we have some rules to follow according to law, so we won't be able to give a position to everyone.

I have (relevant things) and want to support you with that!

We need a lot of stuff, and it all costs money. If you can provide anything, please contact leitung(at) before bringing it to the camp site and describe what it is.

I got the ACK that I can help, do I get free entrance, accommodation and food?

No. None of us gets such things. Camp (and Congress) only works on this low budget if everyone contributes. There are hundreds of people giving a hand during the event, and some people are contributing way more time in work (eg. months of full time) than those few days. There is sometimes some food available in the angel-kitchen. Get infos in the heaven for that.

Will you give me a DECT phone?

Yes and no. Angels on shift will be given DECT devices or mobile radio sets. For private purposes, please bring your own hardware and register a number on . On their wiki, there is a list of known working hardware. Once you have a number, please tell us so we can contact you.

Will i get full board?

No. The kitchen team tries to provide food for those on duty, but there won't be full board and we can't guarantee anyting. See it as a gift. Please keep all the other angels in mind, only take what you really want and need.

How many hours do I need to work?

That's up to you, we're grateful for your help, so we don't demand anything. But there is a minimum amount of time to get an angel t-shirt. It will be determined during the camp, info will be in the angel system.

Which tasks need to be done?

Plenty! We need angels patrolling the campsite to be contacted by people in case of smaller emergencies. They also check everything for fire risks and keep the escape routes free.

Moreover, we need angels in the emergency room, who are better qualified. There will be our contact point for all the emergencies and questions that occur. Also we need doctors on standby.

Experienced angels will be CERT-dispatchers, take emergency calls and send patrols where they are needed. At least one of our leadership will be on stand-by for questions.

For which shifts you can sign up depends on your qualification. It will show up in the angel system. Usually we will have 2 to 4 patrols and a room shift with about 3 people, and one dispatcher on duty, as well as one doctor and one leader (on stand-by).

Should i bring my uniform from (organisation), to be recognized?

No! Definitely not. We are not an first aid agency and our angels on duty will be given vests to be recognized. We don't want uniforms, especially not with emblems. The only thing you need are suitable shoes. You won't need safety shoes, but flip-flops or high heels won't cut it.

I'm a firefighter, but I only have a first aid course. is that OK?

Of course, we're responsible for fire protection, too. Also we like diversity in our team.

My question is not listed, what now?

Send us mail. We can be contacted at leitung AT and are eager to answer your questions. Please keep in mind that it might take us a few days to reply.