Sky diving

If you want to take a little break and see the camp from an other perspective, there is tandem skydiving nearby at GoJump in Gransee.

They offer:

Free 8 minute shuttle ride from pick-up station just outside Ziegeleipark Mildenberg to Gransee GoJump airfield.

A skydive from 4,000 m for € 169 (Wednesday – Friday) and € 189 (Saturday – Sunday) – their special rate for CCC convention participants.

A 12 minute flight to jumping altitude and approximately 50 seconds of free fall (4,000 m option) and a 6-7 minute canopy ride. Watch your fellow hackers in Ziegeleipark from a different perspective!

Come as you are, no special clothing required, they provide an overall to protect your clothes.

Please note: No alcohol prior to jumping please. They can jump passengers up to a weight of 110 kg; for passengers over 95 kg an add-on fee of € 25,- is requested.

Drinks and snacks (also vegan) are available at their bistro.

Free shuttle back to Ziegeleipark at your request.

Not sure whether you really want to jump or just want to watch airplanes and skydivers? You are absolutely welcome, too. Just hop on their shuttle!

For details and impressions of GoJump visit