Shared Equipment

Some might have necessary equipment that they don't need. This Page is for organizing the sharing of such equipment. Some hackers don't own a tent or can't afford to buy one, other hackers might have a surplus DECT set, they don't need. Others might have an additional camping mat / sleeping pad, that they would lend to people in need.

Wanted 1 VGA Cable

If you need a piece of equipment, that is not yet on the "available" list, then please add the name of the item to this list, together with your Username and a link to your user page. If you have a piece of equipment, that is on this list and that you don't need, please edit the line and add "could be provided by $Username" with a Link to your Contact-Page.

  • Need 1 VGA-Cable, any length. please email

Oversight (talk)


If you are offering some piece of Equipment, please leave the Name/Type of Equipment and a Link to your user page with contact details. If you are in need of a piece of Equipment, that is listed here, please edit the line and add "wanted by $Username" with a Link to your user page.

  • zENjA Power for Buildup, space in freezer, axe, crowbar, IBC Container (no food only), soldering lamp, Hammer, electric tools (chain saw, jigsaw, Multicutter, impact wrench, rechargeable drills, hammer drill, ultrasonic cleaners 3l, waterpump [6000l dirt water, & 4000l clean water], S/W Laser Printer), 50m Patchcable, Network, WISP Hardware for Internet coverage while buildup (borrow only for a short time, preferably with me)
  •  ?