Session:Mine cart dance party

Description Party at the mine cart (de: Lore) at the crossing 'Royal Raceway' and 'Kalimari Desert'
Type Outside
Kids session No
Tags music, dance, party
Person organizing User:Vimja
Language vo - Volapük
vo - Volapük
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Starts at 2019/08/24 23:30
Ends at 2019/08/25 00:12
Duration 42 minutes

The mine cart at the crossing 'Royal Raceway' and 'Kalimari Desert' is playing great music all day long. It is severely underappreciated. Let's meet and have a party to appreciate the great sound and the amazing, sticker powered, map.

Die Lore an der Kreuzung 'Royal Raceway' und 'Kalimari Desert' spielt den ganzen Tag lang Tanzmusik. Diese wird nicht genügend wert geschätzt. Wir treffen uns um zu tanzen und die Musik und die witzige Karte zu geniessen.