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The good old Fairy Dust Rocket is back, swooshing up & out in Space again!


[edit] BSD

 The OpenBSD Shop is now open, with new cool t-shirts that show the logo -only- in direct sunlight !
 We also have binkini's (!) rain coats, sweaters, lots of cool gadgets and Pluffy who is loved by kids.
 OpenBSD Village location; when walking from the Shelters turn right before the Camper Area, follow the sign :)

[edit] Text-Adventure

johl wrote a great text-adventure covering our fellows from the fairy dust and the current camp - dont miss it, you will find it here.

[edit] Getting the Promostuff

The flyers, will be sent by mail, too. Just drop a mail to stating your postal address, the designation, and the wanted amount of flyers.

[edit] Poster

Have you spotted the Camp Poster yet?


[edit] Flyer

Watch out for the Camp Flyer:

Image:Campflyer_vorne_preview.jpg Image:Campflyer_hinten_preview.jpg

[edit] Wallpaper

Bring the Fairy Dust Rocket to your desktops and mobile devices:


[edit] Banner

Image:Camp2007_135x135px.jpg 135x135px

Image:Camp2007_96x96px.png 96x96px (resized from the 135x135px version). For that evil IM protocol...

  • Check back for Updates

[edit] Video

Promo-Video low-quality 4MB

[edit] Misc - Quartz Screen Saver for OSX

Run this on your video ipod and be the coolest dude in town!!!!!


GDM (GNOME Display Manager) Theme by Bluviolin (based on the Wallpaper).

[edit] Remember

"In Fairy Dust We Trust!"


  • Would be extremly nice if someone could come up with a brochure about the camp, so i can get the trip to the camp (and the time) sponsored as education.
    • Just compile it yourself. :)
      • If you did, would you please publish it here? :)
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