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The Phone Operation Center (powered by Eventphone)will be present at the camp this year again with a mobile DECT system and phone infrastucture.

The extension registration is open: http://www.eventphone.de/guru/
Here you can browse the phonebook!

You can bring your own DECT phone and register it at the camp. So you will be able to call other camp participants for free. To secure your personal extension in advance please register and then enter your extensions in the phonebook. It will be possible to receive calls from outside via a fixed number + extension, too.

If you want to buy a new phone the POC-Crew strongly suggests a Siemens Gigaset.

You can find a compatibility list in the Eventphone-Wiki.


[edit] Dial-In

You can be reached under +49 (0)30-8020858-XXXX where XXXX is your DECT phone number.

Be advised: Your number will not be screened on the callees phone.

[edit] Dial-Out

For germany: You can call a number inside germany like you are used to: 0 (city code) (phone number).

[edit] SIP/IAX Server-Settings

Server:   camp.eventphone.de
Username: Your [SIP] or [IAX2] number

Password: look it up in the GenericUserRegistrationUtility (Guru)
(Menu->Edit Numbers->[click edit icon of your VoIP number])

Hint: You have to activate your account at the POC before you can use it.

All DECT-phones and other extensions are reachable via sip:XXXX@camp.eventphone.de

[edit] Phun Phone Numbers

  • Nmap scan by phone: call 4911 and use # instead of . (e.g. is 81#163#57#222)
  • Vogon Poetry service: call 2323 if you think you can stand a fair share of vogonity!

[edit] Phone SPAM

I did some phone spamming in the camp phone network, here is the analysis.

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