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[edit] General Information

This is where you can ask for lost items, information of any kind, membership within the CCC e.V. and other things.

If you are lost or have lost anything this is the place to visit. Any information you might need like an opinion they will provide.

[edit] Plans

Hey, we're planning to provide some public terminals for all the people without hardware or the unlucky one's with b0rken hardware and so on ... We cannot make this up without the help of some other people. So if you're interested to help us and you can provide some hardware contact Craegga (also if there are some questions about this). Please keep in mind that we will have this stuff directly at the Ministry of Information and look after those hardware but there's no chance to insure those stuff. That means that it's the own risk to provide some hardware. Every working hardware is welcome, just flag the hardware stuff and talk to the team of Ministry of Information how we can ensure that you get the stuff back .. You can insert your hardware on this page if it's just a monitor or if you need anything to get it work. Feel free :)

Thx Craegga 16:28, 9 June 2007 (CEST)

[edit] Hardware

Who What Remarks

(plz tell me, what you really need, because my car is already rather packed :-))

Computer (AMD Duron 1,4 GHz, 512 MB DDR-Ram) Harddisk is currently wiped clean.

[edit] Team

If you're interested to join our nice team please contact us.

[edit] Lost+Found

Who to contact after the camp about a lost object? Is there a place somewhere where we can send/pick up lost/found objects?

[edit] Lost

What did you lose? Who lost it? Dect-Number
Nokia 6310i in (worn) cover / belt etui kind of thing. lost near entrance / @ arrival PA3DSC]] @ [[Mononokeville] 3886
Schwarzer Hut, Cowboystyle ask at C-Base if you found it
White 15 MacBook lost at the Dylan Village 2400
Zelt am Eingang mit brauner Decke. Dienstag Abend verloren. SWiSH (Jabber:; ICQ: 291304718) 5645
Sun-hat for Kids. light-blue from Sterntaler. Waiki-Beach motiv on front 4260
Schwarze Maglite Oliver 3618
Digital-Kamera: Ixus 430 mit Tasche TabascoEye 3224
Kaffeetasse mit leichtem Muster Grubbelzwupf
Duschgel Nivea und Shampoo Schauma elmo 6255
schwarze Schöffel Fließjacke mklarmann at
IBM Laptop AC adapter, with angled Schuko (Winkelstecker) cable ca. 1.5m hanseatic 3120
Small Metal (silver colored) flash light with engraving, runs of one penlite battery (AA) SebastianS webmind
black jacket, empty pockets (on day 1 when leaving the Taxi; no, I did not leave it in there, I am 99% sure it was stolen.) Craig 6000
IBM Thinkpad X40 from heaven talk to heaven (if U dare) 1023
LED Headlamp
schwarz/graue Regenjacke(raincoat) Waldi 2367
Headphones (Sennheiser PX 100) Alex (
Sony Erricson K750 Jan 5364
IBM Thinkpad X31, Ubuntu sticker, scratched, glued near keyboard Wenceslaus van der Meersch 2765
Siemens Gigaset - DECT-telephone - some unreadable buttons, very small phone KoRny ( ) 6003
the black/gray four seasons rain coat (found in shelter foo) that is mentioned below! -> please hand it to someone who's heading for Berlin and contact me. Thanks! silke or jabber:
Sony-Erikkson mobile phone silver, o2 branded Hans-Gert Dahmen 6553
Uhr (clock) Casio Digital black (behind the unisex-showers) mxf 2693
Spare laptop-battery (acer, black, rounded corners/riffeled) lost in the angels' bunker?! mxf eMail me or call sur5r
Glasses (sunday morning) Alex (
Single key, labeled 2014 Thomas (thomas.hirsch gmail com)
Yaesu VX7R (Ham Radio mobile) Arne ( arne rfc2549 org)
Sony Ericsson Bluetooth™ Headset HBH-65 (+ Carrying Case) Florz Florz_(at)gmx(dot)de
two asus 500 gp and one fonera jens at nons dot de

[edit] Found

  • Siemens Mobile Phone registered to "T-Mobile D" (Siemens Handy) call DECT 2250
  • backpack from airport tegel for favarapedarsi, to be picked up at the Lost and Found (Hackcenter)
  • Ring in Damentoilette gefunden
  • Sonnenbrille
  • Zahlenschloß (combination lock)
  • Italienische EC-Karte (italian cash card) <--- It's my card, contact me: enricoATpasqualottoDOTorg
  • 2 Dect-Telefone
  • Schlüsselbund (bunch of keys)
  • Headset
  • Kleine Taschenlampe (small pocket lamp)
  • Kombinierter Maul- und Ringschlüssel (combination wrench)
  • sunglasses and glasses
  • 2 x Handtuch (towel)
  • Mütze (Hat)Chaos_Communication_Camp_2007
  • Kopfhörer (headphones)
  • Laserpointer (finder: DECT #5067) ----> Please contact SebastianS, lost one
  • Schirm (umbrella)
  • Walkie-Talkie
  • T-Shirt, Elektro-Rasierer (shaving device) und Handy ---- gefunden von (found by) Zeck Dect: 2392
  • Ohrring
  • brauner Pullover
  • black/gray four seasons rain coat (found in shelter foo) -> please hand it to someone who's heading for Berlin!
  • jewelery skulls and bones
  • 2 Schlüsselbunde (bunchs of keys)
  • Zelt (tent)
  • Mobile phones
  • Battery Pack of a camera
  • Ladekabel (Battery charger leads)
  • schwarzes, schweizer Verlängerungskabel (haben unsere Nachbarn im Wald hinterm Hackcenter bei uns liegen lassen, bitte melden, wir waren die im orangen Zelt!) acpiÄTmacDOHTcom
  • Sunglasses Christian Dior (User:BugBlue)
  • Part of a watch-wristband (User:BugBlue)
  • A lot of angel badges (User:BugBlue)
Wait... Does that mean we can take them off now?

[edit] Happy Owners, which want to say thank you

  • Purse / Wallet black - found at the hammock area
    • Thank you for bringing the purse to the infodesk without taking anything, including money.
  • Thank you to the person who found and gave back my dectphone near the hammocks!
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