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* Team1 with a multi touch version of the Game of Life 
* TeamMantrain with sponc, a floating hand version of pong! NEWS: development is continued here: [1]

23 hour mtc coding contest

We want your game/program/application/modification for the multitouch console

location: c-base c-phere

Registration: in our dome or come on freenode into #c-base-contest

language: libAVG (Python)


  irc #c-base-contest 
  t (DECT 6678)

Contest: Day 3 - Midnight till Day 4 - 23 hrs - the MTC is open for developers. Book a timeslice(1h) or/and come around.

so far we have 4-5 teams.

[edit] TeamList and presentation

  Team1: cgabriel, ciro, vrde, devener, eddie_22 (Location: HC, Italian Embassy)
  Team2: Bios
  TeamMantrain: blub, dr23dre5, therapist/trollicious: Sponc, [2]

  • all times are subject to change without notice or reason.
* Collect Points for: 
* multitouch gestures 5 
* good design 1
* idea 2
* funfactor 4
* multiuser factor 3
* functionality 2
* documentation 5
* spacefactor 5
* lines of code 3 (small is beautyful)


case of club-mate 
groupphoto with c-base crew
intergalictical fame an honor
dynbolic cd
pompino ricco

[edit] Picture footage

place your pics or screenshots here...

[edit] mtc inside photos

Image:DSC00725.jpg Image:DSC00727.jpg Image:DSC00728.jpg Image:DSC00729.jpg Image:DSC00730.jpg Image:DSC00731.jpg Image:DSC00735.jpg Image:DSC00736.jpg Image:DSC00737.jpg

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