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We (Chaos Darmstadt and Chaos Aachen) are organizing a 12 hour nonstop CTF hacking contest for the Camp 2007. It will take place at the Wireless:Village. preliminary rules are already available.

If you want to check it out, please read the details.

The scoring bot has been published, please check my personal ctf site. You will also find the vulnerable services there; the whole vmware image will follow soon.


[edit] Feedback / Questions / Registration

If you want to discuss ctf related stuff or have questions, you are welcome to come to our hacking center, which is located next to milliways. You can also call 5230 or send a mail to "echo hcathcespererdotorg|sed 's/at/@/'|sed 's/dot/./'"

Workshop >
Camp 2007 Hacking Contest

a 12 hr Capture the Flag (ctf)

Who Chaos Darmstadt, Chaos Aachen
Where Workshop tent in milliways
Language English
When Day Saturday @ 2PM,

Duration: 12:00

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