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[edit] WARNING

There is pedophilia floating around on the network. Check your storage for *pedo* and REMOVE THE FILES!

[edit] Important information

Please try to limit access to our internal camp network ( You don't want a filled up upstream, do you? | How can I do this using vsftpd as ftp-server ? ? ? If you ask, you can't! Use your Packetfilter !!!


/holy crap/I/need-to/upgrade!


/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -i <yourif> -s ! -j REJECT


block in quick on <yourif> from ! to <yourif>

Head over to page "File-Server" as well.

[edit] FTP crawler/search engine

A new FTPsearchers are up and currently indexing ftp servers ... please add your servers here and we add them to the index.

New FTP Search, still crawling atm:

thx to some hours time from chri we managed to set up a new ftp-crawler, picture now ip address will follow after some basic ftp indexing is done.

--porting from knoppix boot cd to gentoo installation, please stand by for some more compile rounds...

for a picture of the server check this link:


[edit] List of servers

* (Mononoke FTP) Total of ~2.8TB of storage (previous ip's are lost due to massive link failure) WILL BE UP TILL THE RING GOES DOWN

[edit] List of mirrors

Please remove offline servers!!! Sysads: Dont forget to open the firewall for ! (and not /24 or something like that)

  • FTP over SSL POSSIBLE!!! (via neighbour table till NOC fixes it in the hackcenter...) 1.2tb of space, 540gb free (Fri 16:31), speed: i have a 100mbit and the machine is 650mhz, so just guess.... all kinds of hardly to unsorted stuff, uploads allowed (just anything curious like ctf vm images, rocco sifredi flicks, gamerips (yes, rips), software for all os... and such;)
  • nearly 80GB Films, Top Aktuell like burne ultimatum or such, NO PORN! Back Running
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