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There are many servers to trade files here on the camp.

Please add your public FTPs, NFS, or whatever here.

Head over to the page "Ftp" as well.


[edit] FTP crawler/search engine

thx to some hours time from chri we managed to set up a new ftp-crawler, picture now ip address will follow after some basic ftp indexing is done. up and running at a real server, load: 0.5, everything is running smooth now. DanielP 00:01, 12 August 2007 (CEST)

[edit] Central Fileservers dick & doof

2xNetapp FAS6030 with 4TB each for central storage services.

Machine-Type: 2xNetapp FAS6030

Capacity: 2x4TB

Status: The machines we NOT hacked. It's all Olli's fault, he should have set a better password and closed the admin frontends to the outside world. HAHAHA


Address: and

Comments: We are currently setting up several frontend-ftps, which will also allow anonymous upload! (stats available on (updated every 15 mins))


- NFS: mount -t nfs /mnt/dick and mount -t nfs /mnt/doof

- FTP:

- HTTP: and

- Contact: DECT 2354

[edit] Mononoke FTP

Our uplink is down but you can still come to our village and do some drive-by-leeching. (We are located between c-base and BSD village)

A Ubuntu Feisty powered FTP server with a FreeBSD/ZFS nfs backend.

Machine-Type: Dell workstation

Capacity: ~2.8TB

Uplink: 1gbit

Status: Up, Running and Stable

Protocols: ftp


Comments: Only provides drive-by-downloads


Contact: 2185 (r3boot) and 6998 (MyZT)


[edit] THE FETT Elke

Nice Ubuntu powerd FTP-Server with space to upload your stuff

Machine-Type: HP-Server

Capacity: 1 TB

Uplink: 1gbit

Status: mostly running

Protocols: ftp



Contact: DECT 2224

[edit] campr0n

FreeBSD-CURRENT powered machine using ZFS.

Machine-Type: Generic PC, AthlonXP, 2GB RAM, 3x400GB HDD (ZFS)

Capacity: 732GB

Status: had some problems with the HW and the system configuration. Everything is fine now, server rock solid.

Protocols: ftp


Comments: The number of connections has been limited to 13.


Contact: DECT 2250

[edit] DH Camp07 Site

Ubuntu Feisty Laptop

Machine-Type: Acer

Capacity: 1.2 Terrabyte (all external USB)

Status: Uptime 80-95%

Protocols: ftp, ftp over ssl (ftps)


Comments: laptop has heat problems, so i have to run it at low cpu clockrates


Contact: none (on a hack con???) just enjoy, if you like it, leave me a textfile with your data on ftp...

[edit] /dev/null server


Machine-Type: Home made computer on beer boxes

Capacity: 2TBs

Status: up unless under water ;)

Protocols: ftp, http, nfs


Comments: Feel free to upload stuff in the incoming directory


Contact: Gaule village next to the entrance.

[edit] Template for other FTP

Please cut and paste this template when adding new FTP


Machine-Type: <Vendor>

Capacity: <TBs>

Status: <up and running, or whatever>

Protocols: <ftp etc.>

Address: 81.163.x.y

Comments: <anything else>

Usage: Link for accessing the server

Contact: DECT <xxxx>

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