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See Location to get direction.

If you want to order pizza, join the Pizzabestellung


[edit] Bars

There is coffee (and espresso and latte and so on) in front of "bar"; the bunker in front of the toilets and showers.

[edit] Art&Beauty bar

  • Water: 1€
  • Mate: 1.5€
  • Beer: 2€

[edit] MarketPlace

For breakfast there is a nice place selling muesli, or eggs with toast, and maybe a few more things. Also coffee and juice. This is in the Marketplace. In the evening they sell fresh pizza.

[edit] Ice cream

You can buy ice cream right in front of the Foo and Bar bunkers.

[edit] Kaffee Riksha

Opposite to Shelter Foo and Bar they sell very good coffee and pasta.

[edit] Thai

There is a Thai restaurant near the Hack Center. Price:

  • Thai Soup: 4€
  • Indian vegetable curry: 4€
  • Mango Lassi: 2€ (refund 0.5€)

[edit] In the village

  • Shops
  • McDonald's
  • Pizza "El Amir" (delivery service available, order by phone, see Pizzabestellung)
  • even cheaper Pizza with more variety "Valentino" 03334/384459 - no website - but menus are available at the museum entrance
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