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we need someone with dect phone would be cool if that person could collect the money and order the pizza..

[edit] New Order ([date]) Arrival [arrival time] at entrance

At around [time] until [time+30min] we meet at [meeting place] (near [location], check the map)

to collect the Money and the order will be made at [time+30min]. Then we ask how long it will take!

if you are interested in pizza, pizza friends meet at #pizzabestellung in as most of us speak german, please say, if you don't, so we can write english.

  1. Salami (mit Plockwurst) €3,30
  2. Proscuitto (mit Kochschinken(ham)) €3,30
  3. Tonno (Thunfisch(tuna/albacore/bonito)) €3,50
  4. Hawaii (Ananas & Kochschinken(ham)) €3,50
  5. Calzone (gefüllt mit Plockwurst, Kochschinken, Champignons und Peperoni) €3,50

Image of last time we ordered

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