Fonera SD Card Hack

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Fonera SD Card Hack

Who User:thoughtnox, User:Sots
Where Wireless:Village
Language German
When Day ? @ check Wireless:Workshops,

Duration: '

Links More info (German)

[edit] Fonera SD Card Hack


[edit] Things to bring

To participate @ this workshop you must bring some things:

  • your own Fonera
  • a SD Card with the size you want to use
  • a serial DataCable or a Ethernet cable to connect with your computer
  • I don't know how many soldering irons we have @ the workshop. So if you're able to bring your own: Do it.
  • possibly some tin solder, thin cables or something else what you need

[edit] Participants

If you want to participate please add your name here. We need some info how many participants are coming up this workshop...

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